Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lay back

sometimes he just feel so tired

his mind and his heart are drought

when answers he knew did not give effect as he himself prescribe them to him

resorting to keep silent, fearing words would trouble others

resorting not to whine and as if everything is fine

he wishes to have a long peaceful sleep to forget everything

yet he would not attempt so because he knew he would wake up anyways

wa laa tamnun tastaktsir, wa laa tamun tastaktsir, wa laa tamnun tastaktsir he said to himself

he does not understand, what answer is he waiting for actually

he wonders if his heart ever smile

he knows his face does, though transient, fake maybe

he is being sellfish perhaps, what does he demand anyways

and so people make distance, or may be he makes distance

and thus the drought continues

wa alwajibu aktsaru minal awqat

does he needs too lighten up, is he doing too hard on himself?

wa hasbunallahu wa nikmal wakiil

wa hubbahu ahabbu ilaihu

conflicts of ideals

guess he needs more mujahadah, and he needs to redefine, what does tajarrud means

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Solaris said...

xleh paham la pakcik... x paham semua benda dlm bhs arab tu... hhhhh