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Law of the Law of God

Dengan nama Allah, yang memiliki segala kunci al-Haq

I was sitting in front of the window, with the view of the weather which I defined as sunny, while reading textbook of medical physiology guyton and hall. And so I read and read until I came to a paragraph..:

When a segment of the intestinal tract is excited by distention and thereby initiates peristalsis, the contractile ring causing the peristalsis normally begins on the oral side of the distended segment and moves toward the distended segment……..The peristaltic reflex plus the anal direction of movement of the peristalsis is called the "law of gut'.

Hmm gut pun nak law jugak ke? (english translation: does gut also need some kinda law?)

Wait a minute..of course..and so I remembered other things…

Law of the Heart... (this is Frank-Starling. I think last month I read about this..)

Law of Automaticity..(yeap, I think last sem I read this. But CVS also mentioned about this one..)

Law of Gravity..(when did I 1st heard of this..not sure..but surely during primary school..)

Law of supply and demands (this primary or secondary school..)

Usul 1 of usul Isyrin ( jaulah UK I think..n yes..during usrah..)

Why am I blabbering about all of these law thingy..? Needless to say, everything in this world, every single object is by default, organized into certain systems.

System to be simply defined, is how things should work, how things should be operated or propagated. And to connect the above statement, every object in this world, from this gigantic planet of ours, to the tiny little cells of our heart, abide by certain laws or systems. Is this hypotethical? I think not. This is definite.

Hmm am I forgetting something..ah yes..what about us..?

*** *** *** ***

Everything on this earth, and I want to emphasize on we, the self-proclaimed exclusive best living creature on this earth, is also should be governed by some sort of law @ system.

Everything regarding human: the social structure, commerce, family institution, politics, education, judiciary should be operating, within a certain structured system.

And of course, human realized of its importance (to be organised and systematic). And so we can see, from the progress of history, mankind tried and developed such system. One example, aristotle's book Politic mentioned about kind of government, pros n cons of democracy and republic, aristocracy and oligarchy, monarchy and tyranny. Until now, there are many systems such as communism, capitalism etc.

System should be structured on the basis of its suitability with what it concerns for. Let say for eg. system of the heart, of course, it has to consider the nature of what it concerns for which is the myocardium. (my bad for the not the best analogy). And so as system of human living, human interteraction, as human is what is concerns for, such system must suit the human best.

So what suits human best?

Previously said, human invent certain system. People like John Hobbes, Marx and Engel who summed up their own idea of ideal system of human, did that so, based on their knowledge and perception of human behaviour and human nature. Communism came into being as it was thought to have the best economical system that match the nature of human regarding possessions of property. And also other man-made systems presently exist today, are within aspiration of the most suitable for human living.

*** *** *** ***

"And they ask you concerning the Ruh. Say: "The Ruh is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) gave been given only a little" [17: 85]

Human may discover its own nature, but never fully, never completely, never 100%. Human are not endowed to posses such ability. Human is endowed with the ability of thinking, independent will, conciousness, self awareness, and etc. Human are called to use that endowments in their life, but only in the subjects and areas they are permitted for it. There are certain areas that human must follow proper guidance from the Divine. As He knows us best. He is the one who created our fitrah. Fitrah (human nature in arabic) is there present in every human.

Based on this fact, God Himself set up complete guidelines for human. It may be in great detail regarding one part of human life, and it may be less detail in certain others. Howver, human are called to think, to match it with the present situation of the world (previously ancient, and presently modern), taking account to all of the guideline written by Him.

"So, set your face towards the deen as a Hanif (straigtly). Allah's Fitrah with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Allah's creation. That is the straight deen, but most men know not. [30: 30]

..And We have revealed the Book (the Qur'an) to you as an explanation of everything..” [16: 89]

*** *** *** ***

So, with what should I wrap this up..? huhu

Brothers and sisters, Islam is not only a religion, but it is a system. Islam is the deen (the way of life). Its teachings concerns everything.

InshaAllah, I would'nt give myself a single doubt of submitting myself to the full teaching of Islam. Why should I..? After all, he knows best of our fitrah right? =)


Masa penghayatanku di bawah bayangan al-Qur’an itu berakhir dengan satu keyakinan yang teguh dan tegas, iaitu dunia ini tidak akan mencapai kebaikan dan umat manusia tidak akan mencapai kerehatan, ketenteraman, ketinggian, keberkatan, kesucian dan keselarasan dengan undang-undang alam buana dan fitrah hidup yang suci melainkan dengan kembali kepada Allah.

[ Muqaddimah Fi Zilal Al-Quran - as-Syahid Sayyid Qutub]

27 April – 2 Jamadilawal


orangeforchange said...

..which then reminds us again that absolutely everything is By Him.

so i have a question, when people say "everything good is from Allah, all that was bad came from my Nafs", usually at the end of speeches - is that phrase correct if we take into account that every single thing is by Him; our actions, our thoughts, the rotation of the planets, the transfer of heat, spreading of viruses..

that's what it means to "kembali" to Him, isn't it, to leave everything to Him and none for our nafs?

but surely even if He created everything in pairs, that there's the duality, isn't there also the grey areas of life/things - not just black and white?
there are laws, but surely there must be exceptions too? or did those 'exceptions' come from disobedience of these laws?

sorry for coming out of nowhere again. X)

Azli said...

salam wrt. before i answer, let me remind u that, im not a scholar (ulama). huhu.

1. I dunno. I remember to have come across that phrase in the quran (or ayat which have close meaning). But I dont remember which ayat. My bad, im sorry. Maybe you can try to search for it, then find any tafsir and find what it means.

2. No. The 'kembali' stated in the final para is not meant by what u wrote.

3. Regarding 'grey' areas , yes there are. "halal is clear n haram is clear. But between them is the musytabihah which not many people know of.." [hadith 6 of hadith arbain]..means normal people like me who havent enough knowledge of the quran hadith etc may not able to explain these areas. So if u want to explore these areas, study them or ask great scholars, like Yusuf Qardawi.

4. I dunt really get 'your' meaning of 'exception' in laws. But I would like you to try rethink and understand the simple direct meaning of 'everything'. n try to reread verse 16: 89

However..if the 'exception' u meant are things which is not stated clearly as black and white, then my answer would be at point no. 3.


tq for dropping by =)

orangeforchange said...

thanks! i shall go and search. :)

orangeforchange said...

but wait.
then what does it mean to go back to Him?

Solaris said...

Disebabkan comment kamik ni panjang sangat, dan pak cik ni complain (ahaha) kamik diminta linkkan comment kepada blog kamik ni. Ish, ish... cubala pak cik ni appreciate sikit... tapi tak pe... aku tak kecik hati (sebenarnya tengah merajuk la ni) Ahaha... xde la pak cik

To orangeforchange, I touched about your questions as well in my comments. Hope you'd check it out and hope that it'll help.

Anonymous said...

a relaxing piece to read.. nevertheless it did trigger me to ponder on how He, the Almighty, governs every single creation of His simultaneously and in sync..

Everything we see, everything we know and may not know indeed comes from Him. But i've been asked many times :
How do I know it is He who I should worship?
how can I be sure about these uncertainties that seems to shake my very faith with simple Qs like "who is GOD?" and "where is He?".

I guess it is best to go back to basics - to the Kalam from Him. the Holy Quran. where facts about human embryo was explained way before microscopes and ultrasounds were even created.
many other facts could be found if we could spend some time to read and slowly decipher the beautiful verses in this holy book.

The laws created by The Creator are FLAWLESS, unlike that of human's.

About "everything good is from Him,all that is bad comes from our Nafs" i think there are some minor differences with the saying that i used to hear.

"Everything good comes from Him, so are the bad but all is due to our weakness"

it pretty much humbles us as his Slaves who seek for nothing else but his blessings...

air bandung said...