Thursday, May 20, 2010

take my hand

I think when somebody is in the edge of changing himself, there is a force that 
prevent him from stepping on the final step, the last plunge.

That force is fear.

That fear tells him that if he were to make that decision, all of what he stood for before would be useless, futile, and worse of all,  wrong. That fear prevent him from making that final jump.

Though at the same time, he also was interested by the opportunity he saw in front of him, if, he were to decide to change. He can see the logic and the truth behind the new world he was about to jump into.

So there is  fear, and there is hope.

Dan Kami telah menunjukkan kepadanya dua jalan..[90: 10]

**** **** **** ****

There is a certain situation where a person lost to fear. The final moment for decision-making draw him to a great mental conflict, and thus  he withdraw, back to the comfort zone. Sitting there rather than to make that change in himself.

And also, there are situation where a person jump into that hope that he kindle in his  heart. He is of those who will succeed. He overcome the fear and choose to grasp the bright hope.

And so we may wonder, what quality that the latter has which the former does not..?

It is faith.
Faith that he would be fine once he jumped
Faith that he wont be alone once he walks that step
Faith that he will receive help from those who had jumped earlier
And more importantly,
Faith that the change that he was about to do, is the right choice, a choice that he must do..

That faith will overcome the previous fear.
That faith will destroy the doubt
That faith will justify the comfort zone in which he has been sitting for a quite some time, being static, and halted from being what he should be, what he was born to be..

..sungguh beruntung orang yang menyucikan (jiwa itu).. Dan sungguh rugiorang yang mengotorinya. [91: 9-10]

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

So..dearest adik, dearest abang, dearest friends..
Do you want to make a gamble.?
To make that jump..?
To take the words of those who lure you this new good path you are about to take..?

Take my hand,
I promise you..everything will be allrite..
Everything will be just fine..
Trust me..

If you wonder,
Why am i being so sure,
Why you should trust me..?

My answer is..
Because I trust Him..
He made some promises which I cling into

And I bet my worldly 21 years  of life till this  very moment
He wont break His promise..
I have faith in Him.. =)

Dan mereka yang bermujahadah kepada Kami, pasti kami akan menunjukkan mereka jalan Kami. [29: 69]

Dan ketika orang-orang mukmin melihat golongan-golongan (yang bersekutu) itu, mereka berkara, "inilah yang dijanjikan Allah dan RasulNya kepada kita." ...Dan BENARLAH Allah dan Rasulnya..Dan yang demikian itu menambah keimanan dan keislaman mereka. [33: 22]

By Azli

p/s: Tarbiah mungkin bukan segala-galanya, tapi segala-galanya bermula dengan tarbiah =)


Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali said...

Inspiring post. Jazakallah for sharing. Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

how klu rase cam dah jump
but still ragu2 is this a rite

Azli said...

to DrWan:

waiyyaki. inshaALlah


to Anon:

just walk forward, there are things down there yang akan reaffirm anda..meyakinkan diri anda.. inshaAllah..

kalau baru je landing, pastu x tgk lagi apa benda yg ada kat sana, mmg still akan ragu2 kot.. huhu

dan maybe boleh tanya/talk/discuss dengan orang2 yg ada kat bawah tuh. hehe

n ofcoz lastly, berdoa kepada Dia =)


Solaris said...

Pak cik... aku ingat ko ni tulis pasal suicide... misleading betul ko punya permulaan. lol

I won't say to a person that once you take this leap that everything will be alright. Having faith in Allah and believing in Allah doesn't meant that everything will be nice and happy or even fine. Shit will still happen, with or without faith in Allah. The only difference is that when shit happens and you have Allah, you can accept all that shit and strive through it.

I don't think the fear is so much about what you did or made in the past (all what he stood for is useless...) but more about what will happen once you take the leap. The human mind can just forget about the past once the mind is made up, always coming up with excuses for the past. But the human mind fears uncertainty towards any choice especially when there is no guaranty.

Dah lama tak baca blog pak cik... hehe...